The Health and Safety of our Workers Comes First

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Our Guiding Principles

Safety starts at the highest level of management and is the foundation of our corporate culture.

Workers at every level are responsible for the overall health and safety of the worksite.

All injuries and incidents are preventable.

Every worker has the right to work in an inclusive environment.

Education, awareness, and consistent mentoring is the most effective approach to a proactive safety management system.

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We recognize that every worker has the right to participate in health and safety. At Dawson Wallace, we are committed to providing a workplace that fosters safe work habits and behaviors.

Dawson Wallace is committed to a strong safety management system that protects our staff, our job sites, and all surrounding public from accidents, mishaps, injury, and disturbance.

Employees from field labour through to executive management are responsible and accountable for the continuous implementations of Dawson Wallace’s safety initiatives.

Unanimous participation by everyone, every day, is necessary for the safety excellence that we expect.