Pratts Food Service Freezer Expansion

Pratts Food Service Freezer Expansion


Calgary, AB


Pratts Food Service Alberta


Zeidler Architecture

Gross area

38,000 sq.ft.

Dawson Wallace was awarded the Design-Build contract for the industrial freezer storage expansion at the existing Pratts Food Facility in Rocky View County, Alberta.

Pratts has been Western Canada’s largest family-run independent foodservice distributor for over one hundred years. This new expansion project adds approximately 38,000 sq.ft. of light industrial freezer racking.

Together with an innovative and collaborative approach, Dawson Wallace incorporated all related refrigeration, mechanical, and electrical equipment to the current existing design. This expansion project also included the removals, remediation, and replacement of all existing site grades, utilities, asphalt, exterior concrete aprons and sidewalks, and landscaping.