Senator Joyce Fairbairn Middle School

Senator Joyce Fairbairn Middle School


Lethbridge, AB


Lethbridge School Division


FWBA Architects

Gross area

70,000 sq.ft.

Senator Joyce Fairbairn Middle School encompasses 70,000 sq.ft, complete with full site development on a greenfield site. The school is constructed of both structural steel and load bearing block, with a glazed main entrance and over ten different roof lines.

The school houses a large gymnasium, gathering and ancillary spaces, classrooms, a science and shop space, drama and band rooms, and a large library. The school is also ringed with modular classrooms, with capacity to accommodate future modular spaces.

A key feature leveraged throughout the school is the inclusion of operable wall systems, which allow students and faculty to create scalable environments that best suit their programming needs. These systems can be found in classrooms, the band and drama spaces, the gymnasium, and the ancillary area.